Building The Next Generation of Republican Leaders Today

The Westchester Young Republicans aim to provide a platform for future leaders to meet like-minded individuals, network with industry professionals, and kick start a career in political activism.

PR Director Siobhan O'Rourke-Florin

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The Westchester Young Republicans meet on the first Wednesday of every month to discuss current events and the latest opportunities to make a difference in our communities.

Monthly Young Republican Meetings

Westchester is becoming less and less affordable. Supporting Young Republicans will help elect candidates who care more about the taxpayer than special interests groups.

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Our membership consists of many young professionals, both in government and in the private sector. We’re always working to recruit young activists still in college, and unable to afford dues or entry to major political events. We aim to give our youngest members opportunities to attend such events, make connections, and build a future that benefits all of us.

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Your help enriches our future.

Sponsor a YR

Help us recruit the next generation.

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Join the family, and build your political future.

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Have fun while helping those in need.

It's our future, help us define it.
Devin O'Rourke
Devin O'Rourke
Chairman, Westchester Young Republicans

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