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About the Westchester Young Republicans

The Westchester Young Republicans is helping to pave the way for a new generation of conservative leadership to take the reigns of the Republican party- today!

At the Westchester Young Republicans, we are dedicated to upholding the principles of Republican leadership by uniting Young Republicans to fight for liberty. As Young Republicans, we provide crucial support to the GOP in Westchester on a range of issues from voter registration to campaign deployments.

Some of our prominent members include:

Matthew J. Slater, Yorktown Supervisor                

Christopher Arnold, Chairman of the Lewisboro Republican Town Committee & 2020 New York State Young Republican Rising Star

Joseph Pinion III, CNN Political Commentator

Ashley McCarrick, former Secretary of the New Rochelle Republican City Committee & Executive Director of the New York State Young Republican Committee

Patrick Murphy, Chairman of the New York State Young Republican Finance Committee

Matthew McCarrick, former Chairman of the Westchester Young Republicans & New York State Young Republican Campaign Committee

Our mission

Our mission is to promote the interests of Young Republicans in our community and in our nation. We train young professionals, motivate them to pursue their political ambitions, and help them get elected to office, all while having fun along the way!

Devin O'Rourke

Devin O’Rourke

Recipient of the 2019 NYS Young Republicans Rising Star Award

Ashley McCarrick

Ashley McCarrick

Vice Chairwoman

Executive Director of the New York State Young Republican Committee

Daniel Liriano


Siobhan O’Rourke-Florin


Theodore “Teddy” Fleming

Public Relations Director


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